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The uniqueness of the UniGreen project is pursuing accessibility to nature. The project has developed accessible eco-tourism products and services for all kinds of travellers, including those with disabilities.

An inclusive nature walk

This EU environment project sets out to bolster nature tourism in a sustainable way and make nature more accessible in Latvia and Lithuania. UniGreen offers new nature tourism activities, through a combination of nature conservation awareness-raising actions as well as the creation of more than 80 walking trails through northern Lithuania. These trails are compiled in a UniGreen Trail Guidebook (with audio guides available in LV, LT and EN). A unique aspect of these trails is an emphasis on inclusion and accessibility; some of the trails have specific options for travellers with disabilities.

Mantas channels his green guide

Mantas is getting acquainted with this EU-protected Natura 2000 site - the plant and animal life, natural beauty, and more. By foot or by bike, he is learning about EU conservation values and efforts.


“Accessible Nature Tourism” in Lithuania