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Welcome to the Ding Dong Challenge!

Want to be more sustainable, but not sure where to begin? We've got you covered!

The trip might be over, but we still have so many green and sustainable ideas to share. From saving energy or growing your own vegetables to easy fashion hacks and ways to travel more sustainably – there's something for everyone.

Relive campaign highlights below and stay tuned for upcoming initiatives promoting a just, circular and climate-neutral Europe.

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Are you a master chef or a ready meal expert? Whatever your cooking skills, we've got a challenge for anyone who likes eating. Get inspired to reduce food waste, grow vegetables at home or eat seasonal food. Yummy!
Your green journey starts at home! From saving energy to improving the indoor air quality, there are plenty of ways to make the places we live in greener, whatever space or experience we have.
Let's go on a green journey! Take part in our travelling and commuting green challenges and share your results with us on @EUinmyregion. Are you ready?
There's no planet B, but there are many ways to help preserve the precious treasures Nature offers us. From giving the best care to your plants, to reducing your water consumption, our challenges will reveal how less can be more in our daily lives!
How about making things to consume less? Become greener, become a maker! Here, you'll find inspiration to upcycling, creating and fixing stuff to give them a longer life. Roll your sleeves up!


The Ding Dong Challenge started a few months ago when 15 influencers embarked on a remarkable green journey. During their trips, they discovered and shared inspiring and innovative sustainable initiatives across five European countries.

Throughout the journey, influencers invited their followers to take part in green challenges. Challenges that revealed how easy it is to incorporate small yet effective green actions into our everyday lives.

Check out our green challenges and their trips, and be inspired to set off on your green journey!