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Are you following the Ding Dong Challenge? Do you have a mini green challenge for our travellers? Let us know!

We are also curious to know what sustainability means to you, and what you do in your daily life to act more sustainably (e.g. composting, recycling, zero-waste cooking, etc.). Inspire us and others! 

Tag us with your mini green challenge and #DingDongEU #greenchallengeBE !

Need some inspiration? Scroll down to see the mini green challenges our influencers have completed so far.

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Sara Lou has made her sustainable journey throughout Belgium…completely by bike! We’ve all been cheering her on from the sidelines. And it’s been so inspiring to visit the organisations and initiatives boosting green travel and sustainable urban living.

Sara Lou just cycled through the centre of Brussels, following an itinerary in the shape of a star. She shared a screenshot of her stellar route! 

Your mission, if you choose to accept it:

  • Get on your bike, scooter, roller-skates or walk (whatever your preferred mode of sustainable transport)
  • Go to one of the points on Sara Lou’s star-shaped itinerary
  • Via your IG feed: post a photo of yourself (+ tag @molemsisters and @EUinmyregion)
  • DON’T FORGET: include #DingDingEU and #GreenChallengeBE
  • A selection of the best pictures will make it onto the @molemsisters and @EUinmyregion accounts


From R&D and branding to management and production, Laura has explored different enterprising initiatives and businesses rethinking green economic growth on a regional scale. At her last stop, Laura met with 2 entrepreneurs taking on the sustainable fashion industry with the support of an EU expert mentoring programme.

Laura is ready to take what she’s learnt about sustainable business to the runway! She wants you to channel the spirit of Fashion Week by repurposing your own clothing into a showstopping outfit.

Before you sashay away:

  • Raid your closet for the perfect outfit (complete from head to toe)
  • Via your IG feed: post a photo of yourself! Tell us which European fashion week you are representing – Paris? Milan? London? 
  • DON’T FORGET: include #DingDingEU and #GreenChallengeBE (+ tag @laurafromthedesert and @EUinmyregion)
  • The best outfits will make it onto the @laurafromthedesert and @EUinmyregion accounts


Morane has had a whirlwind tour of EU-supported regional initiatives working towards a smarter, healthier and more sustainable food system.

At the Smart Gastronomy Lab, Morane put on her lab coat and goggles to observe sustainable, protein-packed food of the future: insects! 
While she’s digesting, Morane wants to know if you’ve ever eaten an insect.

If so, you can help Morane create buzz around a sustainable, insect-based diet!

  • Via your IG feed: post a photo/video of yourself eating an insect 
  • Tag @simply.morane & @EUinmyregion
  • DON’T FORGET: include #DingDongEU & #GreenChallengeBE
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