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Are you following the Ding Dong Challenge? 

We are also curious to know what sustainability means to you, and what you do in your daily life to act more sustainably (e.g. composting, recycling, zero-waste cooking, etc.). Inspire us and others! 

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other ongoing challenges in Europe

Laura, Morane and Sara Lou are en route through Belgium. Your green tips and activities have made their journey particularly eco-inspirational.
They're looking to you for more inspiration!
Share your mini green challenge with our influencers travelling in Belgium, including #DingDongEU #greenchallengeBE
Astrid, Charlotte and Lucy are getting out of their comfort zone to rediscover Germany through a sustainable lens. You have already given them so many green ideas and causes to explore.
But they need more!
Post your mini green challenge for our influencers travelling in Germany with #DingDongEU #greenchallengeDE
Alexandra, Angelo and Eutuxia are making their way through Greece. So far, they have received great sustainability life hacks from you all.
Haven't joined in yet?
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Aurimas, Mantas and Rasa are making progress through Lithuania. Thanks to your suggestions, they are pushing their sustainable boundaries.
Can you push them further?
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Check out what Anna, Catarina and Afonso are up to in Portugal! They have posted so many photos and mentions based on your green tips.
Any more tips for going 100% sustainable?
Post your mini green challenge ideas for our influencers travelling in Portugal with #DingDongEU #greenchallengePT