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Are you following the Ding Dong Challenge? Do you have a mini green challenge for our travellers? Let us know!

We are also curious to know what sustainability means to you, and what you do in your daily life to act more sustainably (e.g. composting, recycling, zero-waste cooking, etc.). Inspire us and others! 

Tag us with your mini green challenge and #DingDongEU #greenchallengeEL !

Need some inspiration? Scroll down to see the mini green challenges our influencers have completed so far.

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Angelo’s journey has been water off a duck’s back…literally! You’ve followed him through it all, as he’s discovered the power of water for marine life and coastal communities. With his camera, he has shown how – now, more than ever – Europe's rich aquatic ecosystems need our protection against climate change. 

Angelo just shared beautiful snapshots of the protected bird species in Lake Kerkini National Park. But now’s your chance to get involved! 
Take a picture of your ‘special place in nature’. This can be a secluded beach that your family has been going to since you were a baby, or a secret garden in your neighbourhood…let us know what makes this piece of nature special to you!

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Via your IG feed: post your photo (+ tag @angelo_stavr and @EUinmyregion)
  • DON’T FORGET: use #GreenChallengeEL & #DingDongEU
  • The top 5 photos will be selected: Winners will have their picture shared on the @EUinmyregion account


From Athens to Kastoria, Alexandra has gotten into the circular groove of the locals – both humans and animals! Along the way, she's seen different forms of pollution reduction. She just visited a large-scale waste management facility, which is part of an innovative, multi-country recycling initiative. 

All this recycling has gotten her thinking... but also stitching! Alexandra's created DIY Christmas tree ornaments (the sustainable tip: she stuffs her ornaments with plastic bags).

Join Alexandra’s sustainable sewing circle:

  • Take 2 pieces of felt, sew them together with needle and thread (+ stuff with plastic bags)
  • Via your IG feed: post the picture of your decorative creation (+ tag @ashinyday and @EUinmyregion)
  • DON’T FORGET: include #DingDingEU and #GreenChallengeEL
  • Your creative ornaments will be shared via the @ashinyday and @EUinmyregion accounts


Making her way across Crete, Eutuxia has shown us what it takes to be a true eco-tourist. In the final leg of the journey, she saw the merits of natural and cultural heritage conservation at the Psiloritis Natural Park. 

Eutuxia’s excursions have gotten us thinking about the importance of being spontaneous when travelling. Going off the beaten track always holds the promise of uncovering an authentic local spot or hidden gem. 
While we have to stay home and stay safe, Eutuxia wants us to think about future trips: how to travel sustainably…and spontaneously!

For her Big Green Challenge, share a travel memory:

  • Via your IG feed: post a picture/video of a time you travelled sustainably + spontaneously (ex: a trolley ride through Budapest, a bike ride along the Amsterdam canals)
  • DON’T FORGET: tag @eutu_xia and @EUinmyregion (+ include #DingDongEU and #GreenChallengeEL)
  • Your impromptu sustainability trip will be shared by @eutu_xia and @EUinmyregion
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