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Are you following the Ding Dong Challenge? Do you have a mini green challenge for our travellers? Let us know!

We are also curious to know what sustainability means to you, and what you do in your daily life to act more sustainably (e.g. composting, recycling, zero-waste cooking, etc.). Inspire us and others! 

Tag us with your mini green challenge and #DingDongEU #greenchallengePT!

Need some inspiration? Scroll down to see the mini green challenges our influencers have completed so far.

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Throughout this journey, Catarina has learnt about everyday waste reduction techniques and larger-scale waste reduction and reuse. She just had a look into our zero-waste future at a Lisbon-based social lab, which is testing out a truly circular economy model on a local scale.

Catarina has adopted a zero-waste lifestyle! Are you ready to join her? Complementing the Zero Waste Lab campaign launch, in 2 weeks Catarina will organise a toy drive. She’ll invite you to collect old toy parts or broken toys. 

So, what can you do?

  • Take apart old or broken toys lying around your place
  • Post a picture of those toys on your IG feed (DON’T FORGET: use #GreenChallengePT & #DingDongEU + tag @catarinafpb and @EUinmyregion)
  • Wait for the signal: Catarina will post the locations where you can drop off toy parts


Anna’s taken in many natural wonders throughout her nature conservation journey, from rolling waves to luxuriant valleys and breath-taking heights. 

She’s been teasing her Big Green Challenge, and it’s finally here! She’s just completed one of the longest footbridge spans in the world: 516 Arouca. Now, Anna wants you to channel your inner adventurer to help her raise awareness about plastic waste in our rivers and oceans! 

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Collect plastic litter along a river, beach, or any natural body of water near you
  • Post a photo of your collection in your feed or in your IG stories
  • DON’T FORGET: Tag Anna @hero_to_0use & @EUinmyregion + use the #GreenChallengePT & #DingDongEU
  • You’ll be one of many images in a HUGE photo collage, which will be posted on @hero_to_0 and @EUinmyregion


Afonso’s journey has been all about crossing borders and breaking barriers to truly ‘go green’. He has met with inspiring businesses and organisations committed to changing wasteful behaviours.

Positive change sometimes involves going back to basics. For his Big Green Challenge, Afonso wants you to go back to your roots. Do you have a secret family recipe passed down generations, or a favourite local recipe that is in season? 

Give Afonso some food for thought: 

  • Via your IG feed or stories: post a photo/video of a family recipe near and dear to your heart (showcase ingredients: in season, locally sourced)
  • DON’T FORGET: tag @afonsolopess & @EUinmyregion (+ use the #GreenChallengePT & #DingDongEU)
  • Your post will be part of a virtual sustainable cookbook shared by @afonsolopess and @EUinmyregion
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