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Like a fish in the water
Nothing goes to waste
How to become a perfect eco-tourist in Crete?
Like a fish in the water
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On this journey, you will discover the true power of water. Angelo will swim in open waters, reboot in a natural spring and together we will find out how the EU is supporting efforts to protect marine ecosystems and coastal communities from the impact of climate change.

Greece Route 1

Angelo Stavropoulos's position


The iSea team of marine biologists, educators and conservationists are working to preserve biodiversity in vulnerable marine habitats. The organisation takes part in EU funded projects that aim to increase knowledge on sustainable management of marine and coastal areas.

Greek Eco

Greek Eco believes in transforming global climate change concerns into local, sustainable action. The citizen-led organisation informs and organises community activities such as beach clean-ups and tree planting.

Pozar thermal baths

Pozar thermal baths have been a destination for rejuvenation and well-being for centuries. Today, the Pozar baths exemplify a truly sustainable spa and are part of a regional heritage network of thermal springs.

Axios Loudias Aliakmonas Delta National Park

This lagoon is one of the most important wetland systems in Europe. The national park is also at the forefront of critical efforts to prepare for and better protect nearby cities - like Thessaloniki - from floods and other extreme weather patterns linked to climate change.

Lake Kerkini

At the heart of the dense, marshy national park is an artificial lake, that has created a stunning natural environment with rich biodiversity. Different aspects related to the protection of the area were tackled during the project supported by the EU, and today the area is lived by birds and buffalos and can safely be visited by humans.