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How to become a perfect eco-tourist in Crete?
How to become a perfect eco-tourist in Crete?
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On this journey, you will reconnect with island living. Eutuxia will learn more about the vulnerable birds population in Crete, she will travel using the public transports and discover an innovative solution to avoid food waste in hotels. She will show you how tourism and sustainability are not opposites, but work best hand-in-hand.

Greece Route 3

Eutuxia Prantalou's position

LIFE Natura2000ValueCrete

The LIFE Natura 2000 Value Crete project aims to support conservation efforts targeting Natura 2000 sites in Crete by motivating the public to participate in relevant decision-making processes and by highlighting the socio-economic damage that will result from biodiversity loss in Crete.

LIFE Food 4 Feed

The Food for Feed project aims to evaluate the safe transformation of source separated food wastes, mainly from hotels, into animal feed, utilising an altered solar, low emissions, drying process.

LIFE Bonelli eastMed

The LIFE Bonelli eastMed Project's overall objective is to ensure the long-term favourable conservation status for the species’ interconnected local populations, through the establishment and operation of the East Mediterranean Bonelli’s Eagle Network.

Public transports for tourists and citizens

The city of Rethymnon encourages tourists and residents to choose public transport for their trips. By improving public transport services, the city aims to reduce circulation of private cars and traffic congestion during peak months, to reduce air pollution, and to increase the accessibility and attractiveness of Rethymnon as a tourist destination.

REPLACE project, Delights of Crete (DoC)

Through the REPLACE project, Delights of Crete (DoC) cluster aims at promoting the Cretan diet and its products while encouraging the respect for the environment and the cultural heritage.

GEO-IN (Psiloritis Natural Park Anogeia Rethymnon)

GEO-IN wants to popularise geotourism and other forms of sustainable tourism in Greece. This EU-funded project focuses on promoting and safeguarding both natural and cultural heritage sites so that they can be enjoyed by the generations to come.