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Let's go zero-waste!
From the sea to the river
Make green an everyday habit
Route 1
Let's go zero-waste!
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On this journey, you will have a crash-course in zero-waste initiatives. Catarina will challenge herself, and all of us, to rethink waste and consumption - from the type and amount of food we consume, to what we can (re)use.

Portugal Route 1

Catarina F.P.Barreiros's position

Landscape Farm

The landscape farm produces 100% organic products, from olive oil to pickled vegetables and fruit jams. By watering as little as possible, making the most of rainwater, using manure from workhorses, and covering the soil with straw, the Landscape farm fights against climate change.

Meet: Luis Cruz

Luis Cruz turns pieces of wood that fell from olive trees into unique sculptures and wooden objects. Through his arts and crafts, he shows that saving dead natural material from the trash can give life to beautiful, unique pieces.  


This community initiative presents new responses to age-old challenges linked to food waste. The Refood organisation donates extra food to local communities, in addition to empowering citizens to abandon wasteful habits.

Pedalar Sem Idade

Sometimes, a simple idea can combat a massive problem such as the growing social isolation of seniors. Pedalar Sem Idade (or Cycling without age) has a team of volunteers who take the elderly in their communities on mentally and physically invigorating bike rides.

Zero Waste Lab

Zero Waste Lab is committed to a single objective: creating a Europe where nothing goes to waste. In Lisbon, this EU-funded project enables and supports new solutions towards a zero-waste society.