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Let's go zero-waste!
From the sea to the river
Make green an everyday habit
Make green an everyday habit
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On this journey, you will check the size of your eco-footprint. Afonso will discover sustainable habits to change how we travel, what we wear and what we eat.

Portugal Route 3

Afonso Cabral Lopes's position

Villa Nuova de Gaia

Imagine a sneaker company with a literal ethical footprint. WAYZ is an EU-supported clothing brand, making 'vegan' footwear from recycled textiles for ethical consumers all over Europe.

A Cozinha

In 2018, the Michelin guide recognised A Cozinha as the most sustainable restaurant in the world. Their menu is full of savoury dishes from locally sourced ingredients. The chef himself ensures there is no waste from the guests' plates to the kitchen!

Trilho dos dois montes green route

Trilho dos dois montes offers a colourful, eco-friendly stroll through Braga. This green trail is perfect for walking, biking and commuting sustainably in emission-free electric buses. The Clean Bus Fleet has contributed to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and noise in Braga.

Emission-free buses cut pollution, energy use in Braga, Portugal

Vila verde
Gelado Colorido

Gelado Colorido makes delicious and colourful ice cream, using advanced biotechnology techniques. While this might sound industrial, the ice cream production process is 100% natural!

Gerês-Xurés Transboundary Biosphere Reserve

The protection of biodiversity knows no borders. In this region, Portugal and Spain are working together to preserve both natural and cultural heritage for generations to come.