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GEO-IN wants to popularise geotourism and other forms of sustainable tourism in Greece. This EU-funded project focuses on promoting and safeguarding both natural and cultural heritage sites so that they can be enjoyed by the generations to come.

Accessing natural and cultural heritage

Throughout Europe, tourism is becoming more oriented to conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage (geotourism). The Geopark of Psiloritis is a prime geotourism destination; its prehistoric rock formations and fossilised corals make it not just a natural wonder, but a testament to the origins of human civilization. Since 2017, the EU has launched a joint initiative with this Cretan heritage site, along with 3 other Geoparks, the Museum of Natural History of Crete and the Cyprus Forestry Department. GEO-IN aims to promote geotourism across these regions, by upgrading, promoting and enriching the sites themselves.

Eutuxia becomes a geotourist

Eutuxia is becoming the ultimate geotourist. Her nature tour sheds light on the importance of preserving geoparks for environmental, scientific and recreational purposes. She is also excavating the potential of geotourism sites in ensuring sustainable livelihoods throughout Europe.