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Let's go on a green journey! Take part in our travelling and commuting green challenges and share your results with us on @EUinmyregion. Are you ready?


Are you always on the move? How about moving and travelling more sustainably? Here are the challenges that will inspire you to travel and commute in a greener way. Let's go!

Are you ready to travel low-carbon?
You can’t wait to go travelling again? Now is the perfect time to start planning! To help prevent the climate crisis, you can make sustainability a part of your travel choices. How about taking the train to explore Europe? There is a lot to discover at every stop and along your way.
Commuting without polluting
You take the car to be faster? In many cases, especially within a city, you could actually save time by cycling instead. This allows you to take shortcuts and avoid traffic jams. At the same time, you get to exercise, save money and help improve the air quality.
Sharing is caring
As the pandemic is slowly retreating, we are all looking forward to moving around and meeting people again. Sharing a car ride enables you to do both, while saving money and reducing the impact on the environment, compared to a car drive just by yourself.

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Ongoing Challenges

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There's a challenge in every field. Pick yours!

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