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There's no planet B, but there are many ways to help preserve the precious treasures Nature offers us. From giving the best care to your plants, to reducing your water consumption, our challenges will reveal how less can be more in our daily lives


Take part in our green challenges to preserve the beauty of our favourite planet and share your results with us on @EUinmyregion. Are you ready to see how less can be more?

Bee the Change!
Although bees might not be our favourite guests, they are crucial for the environment and everything it provides. The number of bees is declining rapidly due to the destruction of natural areas and the use of pesticides. To turn this trend around we can build “bee hotels”, choose native plants, and avoid chemicals in our gardens (or on our plates!).
Don't just go jogging, go plogging!
Have you ever heard the Swedish expression "Plocka upp"? It literally means "picking up” and "jogging" and translates into the English term "plogging". The idea: when going on a run, take a bag with you and collect the litter along your route. Make running good for you and good for the planet!
Connect to protect
Beautiful nature is often around the corner – if only we pay attention to it. Let’s reconnect with the little natural wonders around us! Learn what makes your region unique and how to conserve natural treasures by visiting a protected area nearby.

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Ongoing Challenges

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There's a challenge in every field. Pick yours!

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Let's go on a green journey! Take part in our travelling and commuting green challenges and share your results with us on @EUinmyregion. Are you ready?
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