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Zero Waste Lab is committed to a single objective: creating a Europe where nothing goes to waste. In Lisbon, this project enables and supports new solutions towards a zero-waste society.

Testing out waste regeneration solutions

Zero Waste Lab was set up in Lisbon through THNK Lisbon's Creative Leadership programme, supported by the city council, to understand how we can reduce urban waste. The non-profit organisation brings together activists and organisations driving the transition to a waste-free, regenerative and circular economy. Zero Waste Lab has evolved into a dedicated, independent hub for piloting collaborative waste reduction solutions. They bring together entrepreneurs, businesses and other actors to test out these solutions - specifically, to tackle plastic waste. They organise talks and debates, awareness and education campaigns, workshops and community project, training, consulting and more.

Catarina gets into the loop

Catarina discovers so much about the environmental and social impact of a zero-waste lifestyle, with some of the visionaries making the EU Circular Economy Action Plan a reality. This unique, social lab environment is not only engaging the local community but also EU policy-makers in efforts to protect the climate and jobs.

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