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From the sea to the river
Van tot

On this journey, you will embark on a sea voyage with Anna. You will learn about the impact of pollution and climate change on marine life and resources. Anna will also visit inspiring EU initiatives, promoting a blue economy and sustainable aquaculture.

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Anna Masiello's position

LIFE Berlengas

LIFE Berlengas is a sustainable management project contributing to the conservation of protected habitats in the Berlengas archipelago. In recent decades, this special protection area’s reefs, plant and seabird populations have been shaped by a human presence. In response, this EU environmental initiative is striking a balance between making these sites accessible to the public – for fishing and tourism – while removing the environmental threats associated with them.

Praia de Mira
Coastal erosion

Coastal erosion is a growing issue throughout Europe, an issue which can be directly linked to climate change. In Mira, we can see just how big of a problem this could become in the coming years. Hugo Duarte has been on the frontlines, collecting data to raise awareness and combat this challenge within his coastal community.


This EU-supported project promotes marine conservation both in the port of Aveiro and at the Ria de Aveiro lagoon. Ecomare's marine biologists, conservationists and rescue team are taking traditional protection to new heights with innovative research and technology.


CleanAtlantic has taken on the challenge of marine litter with data collection and technology: computer models, remote sensing technologies and aerial, surface and underwater unmanned systems. With a transnational approach, this EU-funded project is showing how data can be useful to monitor, prevent and remove marine litter on a larger regional scale.

516 Arouca

516 Arouca' is a 516 meter-long suspension bridge hanging at 175 meters above a river. It is part of Paiva Walkways, on which people can explore nature 'untouched' and immerse themselves in the region's biodiversity.